Still Life: Legends of the Hockey Game

Found Objects from the Crawl Space—“Heroes of my past.”

Discovered these old images from my past while cleaning out my crawl space.

I arranged them into a montage of sorts, and then focused my camera, captured this image. Afterwards, I edited this photo in Photoshop, converting it to black and white, and then adding a sepia split-tone.

What does it all mean? Bobby Orr comes to mind.

But there is much deeper meaning for me. This image whispers words of wisdom to me. It reminds me that life changes. Memories fade. People pass in and out of our lives.

As I have grown older, I realize that I will not live forever, just like the hockey heroes we worshipped.

 I have learned that the present is fleeting, passing at the speed of light. In an instant, life shifts, is altered permanently, becomes etched in memory until the winds of time erode this new reality.

I have learned— that the future is unknown— despite all the expectations, preparation, wishful thinking. I only know that it will be different from the present and the past. And so, I must live in the present moment of time.

All I’m really guaranteed is this moment of time.