Photo Montage: Life on the Streets of Toronto

Street Photography is about capturing images of life in public places, especially the street. The photographer takes pictures of the ordinary, the routine, the banality of everyday life in a public place. The public place can be the street, park, beach, shopping mall, any place that is open to the public.

Street photography is as popular as photography itself. It is a genre of photography made famous by many of the masters of photography, such as Eugene Atget, Henri-Cartier Bresson, and many others.

The image is unposed and unplanned and unstaged. It does not require people, though people are often part of the image. It includes more much more than graffiti or public art.

The photographer has on a “split second” or “fleeting moment” to capture an image of life on the street or public place.

This past spring and summer, I captured life on the streets of Toronto with my Nikon DSL 7000. Please watch the photo montage by clicking the link: